2017 Cobra Iron Man 70.3 Traffic Advisory

About the Event

Cebu Philippines is host to Ironman 70.3, one of the major and most comprehensive triathlon event in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the top of all races, testing both an individual’s strength and swiftness by overpowering vicious bodily labors. The already tested triathletes are subjected to some powerful workout designed to ensure they are fit enough for the whole event. Also, the triathletes desire for superior contest over the accomplishment of these three nonstop and consecutive disciplines is put on display in the Ironman. Independently, the triathletes can contest against the demanding tracks and try to clock the best time for the whole course. The event also includes a beginner’s or sprint version which comprise of 12.4 miles cycling, 3.1 running and 1/2-mile swimming. The race is known for its multi-phase competition, which has garnered global participation.

About the Venue

Mactan has been the homebased of the event in Philippines since 2012. Race Central is the beautiful Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa at the famous City of Lapu Lapu. Over the last decade, Mactan has transformed into an international hub for business processing services, heavy industry, and tourism. The Area magnificently claims hitting the quickly paced well linked metropolitan area lifestyle with relaxed tranquility and loveliness of an island province. It is amongst the most coveted races in Asia. 

The International Tourism Publications since 2004 has identified Cebu as an archipelago of having more than 100 tropical isles inside the bigger Philippine archipelago of 7,107 isles.  The province has its own separate charms which fit any triathlete’s desires, and expectations for an evocative and unforgettable travel experience. This entails the inspirational seashores, acceptable sand beaches, attractive isles, instinctive cookery, native craft, revitalizing health resort, thrilling club scene outdone by the flairs and natural balminess of the province.


The event starts with T1’s swimming, T2’s bike race traversing 4 cities of Cebu jurisdiction making the M-Loop for a gale of inner-city Cebu.  In conclusion, the running part along Punta Engano has a number of residents cheering the triathletes throughout the marathon. With almost 3,000 triathletes participating in the event, it is not far behind in terms of total numbers like 4,000 to 8,000 participants yearly for these favorite triathlete destinations.

Event Experience

While having Fun during the event, you possibly will bump into various celebrities like the black-eyed peas or Formula 1 stars who might have taken part in this race. It also claims to be one of the largest and most comprehensive triathlon expo till date. Oh parenthetically, all the finalist medals and stage awards are made with made by the Kenneth Cobonpue, one of the best Cebuano designer.

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