One of the Best Beach Resort in Cebu The Mactan Newtown Beach

Cebu Beach ResortThis attractive and large Mactan Newtown Beach is situated in the silent and gorgeous region of Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. The Mactan Newtown Beach, formerly known as Portofino beach, is an astonishing place for individuals, couples or an entire household to visit and have the best fun available in Mactan. The Beach has over the years, excitingly amazed visitors and tourists alike with its easy-going ambiance and a relaxed vibe. Families, visitors, and tourists can produce lasting memoirs of a lifetime in one of the most relaxed cities on earth – Lapu-Lapu.

Cebu Beach Resort

Staying in a lovely and quiet cabana close to the bay of Mactan? You can relish the on the house mealtime and stunning sight. With a coastline stretching over 11.5 hectares, the beachfront of the Mactan Newtown Beach provides the ultimate level of entertaining and exciting things you can achieve in the beach. The beach is safeguarded with professional lifeguards who are always ready to assist you. The  Beach is not yet limited to residents alone and at present is opened to be adored by both natives and tourist in Cebu. In the coming years,  Newtown Beach will soon be featuring high-class club which provides ample supply of sporting amenities that will be showcasing the positive movement for active beach lifestyle with the city. The beach also provides a comforting and easy environment with its environs always cleaned when likened to other public beaches. An added exciting feature of Mactan Newtown Beach is the fact that you can also enjoy barbecue with friends and family within the beach. The Mactan Newtown Beach is also one of the few pet friendly beach resort.

At the Mactan Newtown Beach, tourist would enjoy both the easy nature of resort style settings as well as the appeal of being in the fast rising and most commercial welcoming economic center of the Philippines as the town preserves the former Portofino beach to a direct access.


This pleasant and expansive Mactan Newtown Beach is positioned in the soft and good-looking area of The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City. The Mactan Newtown is situated in the northern part of Mactan Island, and is a major project township. It has been part of the city’s island’s success and has also brought huge expansion to the place. No matter the time of the year, the Beach will always remain an astounding location to visit, stay and have fun as family or a couple. It is also enclosed by an assorted gathering of tourist attractions. The beach makes the island bouncing with its vast adjacent isle to pick from and hop.

So, whenever you choose to come to Mactan Newtown Beach, relax on elegant white sand beaches, discover a new traditional center of art, or see the several renowned landmarks around the city. Enjoy this white sand Cebu Beach Resort with your family and friends.

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